Vanessa Dumeaux

Assistant Professor
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At the Dumeaux lab, we specialize in taking projects from statistical design to high-throughput profiling and in-depth downstream analysis. Our primary objective is to uncover associations between genomic elements, as identified by genome-scale assays, and aspects of human health, including normal physiology, disease onset, and prognosis. Committed to understanding diseases within the context of the individual, we foster a comprehensive view of health states. We investigate the intricate roles of two essential systems: the immune response and the gut microbiome. Analyzing their interactions with an individual’s lifestyle and external exposures helps us elucidate their individual and combined influences on human health and disease. With this knowledge in hand, we aim to propose new strategies for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


  • Departments of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Oncology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
  • Lawson Health Research Institute & Children’s Health Research Institute

Funding (past 5 years):

2023-2025 Cancer Research Society & CIHR-Institute of Cancer Research (Principal Applicant): High-resolution mapping of cancer immunity to predict response to therapy in HER2-positive breast cancer patients

2023-2025 The Schulich Collaborative Research Seed Grant (Principal Applicant): Tumor and systemic immune markers for measuring breast cancer response to therapy

2023-2027 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project grant (Co-applicant): Predicting Radiation Response Following Breast-Conserving Therapy for DCIS: Translation and Validation of a Novel Predictive Biomarker Classifier blood flow in healthy and complicated pregnancies. (Principal Applicants: Eileen Rakovitch, Michael Hallett)

2023-2028 Canada Foundation JELF (Co-applicant): Computational infrastructure for data science in human health (Principal Applicants: Michael Hallett, Jennifer Guthrie, Pingzhao Hu)

2022-2024 Cancer Research Society, Operating Grant (Co-applicant): Studies of Anticancer Effects of Radiation Therapy and Polo-Like Kinase 4 (PLK4) Inhibitor CFI-400945 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (Principal Applicant: Armen Parsyan)

2022-2027 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project grant (Principal Applicant): Identification of functional epigenomic regions in sperm that are environmentally responsive and associate with fertility and embryo development (Nominated Principal Applicant: Sarah Kimmins)

2022-2027 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Project grant (Co-applicant): Identifying molecular mechanisms underlying the regulatory role of sperm chromatin in embryo development and adult disease (Nominated Principal Applicant: Sarah Kimmins)

2020-2021 Concordia Universiy OVPGRS, Team Accelerator Program (Principal Applicant): High-resolution mapping of cancer immunity for HER2+ breast cancer patients

2019-2020 PERFORM Centre, Starting Project Funds (Principal Applicant): Contribution of the brain-gut-microbiota axis in health benefits associated with exercise

2019-2020 Concordia Universiy OVPGRS, Team Start-Up Program (Principal Applicant): High-resolution mapping of cancer immunity for HER2+ breast cancer patients

2017-22 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project grant (Co-applicant): DCIS-Precise: A genomics-driven model for predicting DCIS response to radiation (PI: Rakovitch, Hallett)