John Morris, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow, New York Genome Center, Department of Biology, New York University
Beyond GWAS: Massively parallel genome engineering to pinpoint causal variants and target genes

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the variant-to-function (V2F) problem in human genetics research
  • Developing high-throughput perturbation screening to help solve V2F (e.g., STING-seq)
  • Identifying regulatory networks contributing to complex traits

Speaker bio

Dr. John Morris, a human geneticist and genome engineer, holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from Western and a PhD in Human Genetics from McGill. His research at McGill focused on genetic determinants of osteoporosis using genome-wide association studies. Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the New York Genome Center and NYU, he works on single-cell pooled CRISPR screens to study noncoding GWAS loci. John’s postdoctoral work enhances our understanding of how noncoding GWAS variants contribute to disease, earning him recognition with a CIHR Banting Fellowship, NHGRI K99 Fellowship, and the 2021 ASHG Excellence Award.